What is Copywriting?

July 26, 2021
What is copywriting

What is copywritingCopywriting is an occupation or activity of composing text for the express purpose of promoting or selling something. The item, called sales copy or marketing copy, is composed content which aims to enhance brand awareness and in turn persuade a reader or group to take some specific action. A well-written sales copy can result in increased sales, but also more business, referrals, repeat customers, and more.

A freelancer copywriter can be hired by a number of companies and individuals for a set fee. This can be a great way for an up-and-coming copywriter to get experience, develop a name for himself and/or her, and build a portfolio. The good news is that a freelancer can usually choose from a wide variety of niches within their area of expertise. That makes it easy to find work if you are a talented writer, but even if you’re not, the Internet can provide you with plenty of opportunities.

The job of a freelance copywriter is to write for his or her customers, not for themselves. Thus, a copywriter must understand who his or her audience is. After all, the reason for hiring a copywriter is to promote products or services that will appeal to a certain audience. For instance, if you were looking to target a younger audience, your headlines and emails would need to be more fun, easier to read, and more conversational. You might want to draw their attention to the headlines by using colors and graphics, and make sure that they “get” what you’re saying quickly.

Digital marketing, however, encompasses all sorts of copywriting practices and doesn’t focus so much on one specific audience. For instance, it’s perfectly acceptable to use graphics and colors in email marketing campaigns, but it’s a different story if you’re trying to get customers to your door with a coupon or freebie. Social media is a great place to expand your reach. The key is to know what kinds of copywriting best works for your target audience. If you are offering freebies, you may want to consider incorporating a call-to-action element, like leaving a URL to get more information.

Freelance copywriters aren’t limited to only marketing products and services. In fact, many people consider them to be social media agents as well. Businesses regularly hire copywriters to handle social media campaigns and other efforts. In fact, this segment of the copywriting services market is growing at an exponential rate, so if you’re looking to work with an experienced freelancer, this could be a great opportunity.

Freelance copywriters have the benefit of experience working with a variety of audiences. As a social media marketer yourself, you may not be familiar with the kind of tone and voice that works to connect with certain audiences better than others. Good copywriters have a range of tools at their disposal to help them find these audiences and target them effectively. For instance, a social media copywriter who’s working on a campaign for a makeup company may have different options to choose from than a digital marketing specialist working on marketing for a tech company. The copywriter needs to know how to bring all of the elements of the campaign together, which requires knowledge of various styles and methods of communicating. Writing good copy will take an understanding of how to use various forms and mediums of writing.

Another skill that is valuable for any type of copywriter is having an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a must for any copywriter who is attempting to make their words search engine optimized, because it increases the likelihood that someone searching online for a product or service will find the copy they are searching for. Search engine optimization is most helpful when a company chooses keywords that are not too general but rather targeted towards a very specific audience. This means that instead of targeting broad terms like “appliance repair,” a digital marketing copywriter should write articles that target repair to appliances. This makes the content marketing more appropriate to the audience it is intended for.

In addition to knowing how to use SEO to increase traffic, a savvy business owner understands how to target that traffic specifically. Once the copywriter has chosen their audience, they can begin to write articles that will reach that audience. Content marketing allows a digital marketing company to write articles that are search engine optimized, but also written in such a way as to appeal to the target audience in a manner similar to traditional articles. In other words, they are written so that people searching online for that product or service will find the article, which will then lead them to either visit the website or call to learn more. As a copywriter, keeping this in mind will help you stand out from your competition.

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