The Problem with Affiliate Marketing

May 31, 2021

Online marketing has become a lucrative career choice for many people in recent years. This is due to the emergence of new, online-based advertising opportunities that are not only more cost-effective than traditional forms of marketing, but also offer an array of options to suit every need and budget. One such opportunity is affiliate marketing, which provides individuals with the ability to generate income through promotional links or other means on products or services they enjoy and support.

The problem with affiliate marketing is that many newbies or intermediate affiliate marketers don’t follow the baseline rules of marketing which is ‘Don’t Spam’. Unfortunately it happens a lot and personally I am sorry if this has happened to you. In this blog post I will go over the problems with affiliate marketing and some benefits too! Let’s get started…

Problems with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Ethical Concerns

Some people have ethical concerns when it comes to affiliate marketing, and one of those is the potential for bias in promotion. When you take on an affiliation with a company or product, your primary aim becomes selling that certain brand. This can lead some marketers writing reviews about products they are biased towards because as affiliates, this means more profit for them!

  • Low Success Rate

The problem with affiliates who promote courses teaching affiliate marketing is that for most people, achieving success in terms of financial freedom or even sustainability upon starting an online business can be very difficult. In fact, only 10% of those who set off to make money from such a course will succeed while the other 90% fail and give up on their endeavor completely before it ever really gets going.

  • Embellished earnings

The recent change in GDPR law has been a great boon to the affiliate marketing industry. Both consumers and affiliates can be assured that earnings claims are more closely regulated, thereby avoiding any shenanigans by unscrupulous brands looking for easy money. Affiliates should always take ethics seriously when it comes to their work–now they have even stricter guidelines on disclaimers, privacy policy etc., so there’s no room for error!

The latest update in EU regulation governing advertisers called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is proving beneficial both to consumers and marketers alike who use or promote products through affiliate programs. In order to comply with this new legislation companies now need strong guarantees of ethical practices such as full disclosure about what data will be collected from customers/users;

So these are some of the problems with Affiliate Marketing. Seeing these issues can raise a Red Flag in your head to why even start. I understand. Just like with anything that is unfamiliar and new, you must take risks. With affiliate marketing there are always risks around but there are benefits too if done right.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income.

It’s low-cost and high-profit, but it also might be difficult depending on your approach. All challenges are up to you as performance relies entirely on how determined you are with your business model.

  • Newbie Friendly

Affiliate marketing is not like other types of sales. It doesn’t matter whether you have tons of marketing experience or if you are new to the business world, affiliate programs can teach anyone how it’s done! The great thing about this type of advertising model is that no one has all the answers and there are plenty ways for people with little-to-no prior knowledge in online eCommerce to make money on their own terms. There will always be a need for experienced marketers but what better way than self learning? With so much information available at your fingertips, there’s really never been an easier time to start getting into affiliate work from home!

  • Low Cost – High Return

Affiliate marketing offers a low cost to begin with, but it also has the potential for high profits. The reason that this model is so popular and worth taking into account when you are starting up your own business because of its minimal operating expenses in comparison to other industries.

Optionally there could be additional costs related to setting up a domain, web hosting operator and some minor design-related tasks – all depending on what plan you decide upon when establishing an affiliate website yourself or hiring professionals for help.

  • Extra Income/Side Hustle

You can make money as an affiliate marketer without quitting your job. You might be able to get by with just a few hours of work per week for the first months and see how much you’re making before committing more time or pulling out altogether!

  • Flexibility

Here are some tips for success in the world of marketing: If one product proves to be difficult to sell, another might work much better and act as a solid backup. And no one tells you that when your ship is sinking stay on board; if it’s not working out then just drop it!

  • There aint NO LIMIT!

Imagine you are running your own affiliate blog and have the opportunity to post about a niche that interests you. You can come up with unique content in order to get people reading, share links on social media for increased exposure, or even try paid marketing boosted by organic efforts such as generating an email list of interested customers. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to ways for bloggers like yourself promote products!


There are many problems with affiliate marketing (also pros that I explained earlier). The most important one is ethical issues, as the success of an individual is largely dependent on how they represent the product to potential customers. Affiliate marketers are at risk of losing their reputation and credibility in the industry when they don’t represent products with transparency. It’s not uncommon to find that some affiliates will do anything for a sale, even if it means misleading potential customers or omitting crucial information about the offer. Inflating prices so that people think items cost more than they really do, hiding product features which may be undesirable but necessary, and making false claims about how good an item is – just because these things often work out in terms of sales doesn’t mean there isn’t any damage being done elsewhere! Don’t be deterred by the ethics of affiliate marketing. Having ethics is a choice. You can choose to represent yourself as a great affiliate marketer by doing the right thing. If you’re looking for a way to earn passive income online then feel free to reach out to me and I can get you started with creating income online. Let me help you start, scale, and build a profitable digital marketing business online.

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